Below is a list of advantages for driverless cars.”

1 No more breaking of law – speeding, yellow-line driving, not yielding, poor parking etc.
2 A car that could choose the best route, regardless of user input, based on Google maps and traffic.
3 There would be no need for powerful engines, as sticking to the national speed limit does not warrant the need for power.
4 Vehicles will be tailored to the passenger and become an office, sleep nest or meeting room on wheels.
5 No need to have a driving licence.
6 The vehicle will drive itself to service or to refuel, without driver involvement.
7 NO MORE TAXI DRIVERS, as this market segment (public transport) will grow immensely.
8 Like the Dutch, vehicles such as bicycles are for all to use, bar those who do not insert their destination and credit card.

1 Autonomous vehicles will need to have a designated lane on highways.
2 Vehicles must inform automakers if a service is required as well as the owner. Servicing should become manual if the vehicle is not serviced at proper intervals.
3 Vehicles should track every user input. Cars should have a “black box” and a remote kill-switch.
4 Passengers may not take over manual control on highways.
5 Vehicles must report any illegal incident or input (such as speeding) to authorities.
6 Autonomous vehicle owners and institutions such as vehicle rental companies, should be given financial incentives to purchase vehicles.

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